Source: Bureau of Meteorology

For people in Central, Mallee, South West, North Central, Wimmera and parts of Northern Country and West and South Gippsland Forecast Districts.

Issued at 2:12 pm Monday, 20 September 2021.


Weather Situation:
Gusty west to southwesterly winds with showers and thunderstorms behind a cold front crossing Victoria this afternoon.

Locations which may be affected include Horsham, Warrnambool, Bendigo, Seymour, Maryborough, Ballarat, Geelong and Melbourne.

The strongest gusts recorded since midnight:
- 109 km/h at Wilsons Promontory at 7:29am
- 107 km/h at Mt Buller at 3:46am
- 104 km/h at Mt Hotham at 6:01am
- 100 km/h at Mt Gellibrand at 12:32pm
- 96 km/h at Nhill at 11:44am
- 95 km/h at Falls Creek at 3:14am

The State Emergency Service advises that people should:
* If driving conditions are dangerous, safely pull over away from trees, drains, low-lying areas and floodwater. Avoid travel if possible.

* Stay safe by avoiding dangerous hazards, such as floodwater, mud, debris, damaged roads and fallen trees.

* Be aware - heat, fire or recent storms may make trees unstable and more likely to fall when it's windy or wet.

* Check that loose items, such as outdoor settings, umbrellas and trampolines are safely secured. Move vehicles under cover or away from trees.

* Stay indoors and away from windows.

* If outdoors, move to a safe place indoors. Stay away from trees, drains, gutters, creeks and waterways.

* Stay away from fallen powerlines - always assume they are live.

* Be aware that in fire affected areas, rainfall run-off into waterways may contain debris such as ash, soil, trees and rocks. Heavy rainfall may also increase the potential for landslides and debris across roads.

* Stay informed: Monitor weather warnings, forecasts and river levels at the Bureau of Meteorology website, and warnings through VicEmergency website/app/hotlin